Vertical Turning Lathes (overview)

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GMW Turning Lathes

In view of our longstanding experience in the machine tool business, we have selected suppliers who can manufacture rigid, state of the art single column and double column vertical turning lathes at reasonable prices.

We have examined the engineering and production processes at our suppliers’, and are convinced of their high standard.


For more detailed specifications please select the respective machine type:


The base bodies of the machines are cast bodies which are engineered and casted with high quality and strength. In house, the cast bodies are then processed on high-quality production machines.

The moving parts essential for the proper functioning of the machines are bought from renowned, inter- nationally operating suppliers. Only bearings, motion spindles, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics produced by brand name manufacturers are assembled! The same applies to all the other components of the machines required for the individual assembly groups.

As our vertical turning lathes are equipped with chip conveyors und splash guard cabins, they meet advanced production requirements. If desired, multi-axis machinery required for the boring and milling of workpieces can also be supplied.

In view of our technology partner network, we are in a position to supply customised machinery to meet the requirements of our customers. If machinery is required for special purposes, the basic machine is supplied, and in close consultation with the customer upgraded to the customer’s specification by our specialist firms in Germany.

Irrespective of whether the machine in question is a standard or special version, it will, of course, be tested and equipped according to the safety requirements as per European regulations. Customer service, including after sales service, is first priority in GMW’s business philosophy.

As the range of products supplied by us also includes other machinery, our competent service is designed to also draw our customers’ attention to other types of machinery.